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Notice on Service Operations

In line with previous years and in an effort to achieve savings to maintain overall services the regular services will remain closed from August 06th to August 09th inclusive. All services will resume as normal on Monday August 12th. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Important update for DriverCPC Card Application

Driver CPC – 10th September 2013


The information below may assist CPC applicants in their understanding of acquired rights, how to track their progress, resolve certain issues and apply for their CPC card.

CPC ‘Acquired rights’ Drivers

Drivers who obtained their bus licence on or before the 9th September 2008, or their truck licence on or before 9th September 2009, were automatically entitled to Driver CPC. This is called ‘acquired rights’.

Tracking Your Progress on the ‘MYCPC’ Portal

Drivers can access their training records online through the ‘MYCPC’ portal, which can be accessed through the RSA website – Please follow the links for ‘Professional drivers’ which will direct you through to the Driver CPC homepage or alternatively use the direct link : –

To register as a user on this portal you will need the following information:

? Driver Number

? Date of Birth

? Email address (must be unique to each individual driver)


Reasons why you may experience problems when logging on to the ‘MYCPC’ portal.

? Driving Licence/Driver number ( Non Irish licence holders are currently not eligible to access portal)

? Email address (email address must be unique to the user – the same email address cannot be used for more than one driver)

? Date of birth – please ensure that you input in the correct format – ddmmyyyy


If any of the above details are incorrect you will not be able to register your account. When you have successfully registered, you will be issued with a password (via email) which will enable you to log on to the ‘MYCPC’ portal.

Please note that passwords are automatically generated and cannot be changed. Therefore in order to avoid errors when entering your password, we advise that you ‘copy and paste’ the password from the email to the log in screen.

‘Non-Compliant records’

Drivers are required to complete one day of periodic training per year. Those who were late completing training and subsequently completed more than one training day in any training year will have a ‘non-compliant’ record. Drivers are required to email ( or write to the Driver Education Unit, RSA and advise of the reason they were late in completing their training. The Driver Education Unit will then be in a position to correct the drivers training record.

Applying For Your CPC Card

Drivers with ‘acquired rights’ are required to complete 1 day of periodic training per year in each 5 year training cycle (35 hours) before qualifying for their CPC Card. When all 5 training days have been completed (6 if you hold both bus and truck categories) qualified drivers can apply for their CPC Card by either method listed below:

1. Drivers who have a Digital Tachograph card can give permission to the RSA to use their image and signature from their Digital Tachograph card for their Driver Qualification card. These drivers will receive their CPC cards by the 10th September. Drivers wishing to avail of this should text the following information to 51444 ‘Driver number’ <space> ‘Y’ <space> ‘surname’ (please ensure to follow this format and to insert the space in between each item). Alternatively you can log on to the ‘MYCPC’ portal and tick the highlighted box to give your approval to the RSA to use your information.

2. Drivers that do not have a Digital Tachograph card will need to complete a ‘Driver Qualification Card Application Form’ and return it to the Driver Education Unit in the RSA with a passport photograph (Drivers with Non Irish licence will also need to send a photocopy of licence with the application). Application forms are available from Driver CPC Training Organisations, Motor Tax Offices or by contacting the RSA –





Penalties for non-compliance

If you are a professional driver and you do not have a CPC or cannot show that you have a Driver CPC you are breaking the law and could be liable to penalties as follows:

? Falsifying documentation -fine up to €5,000

? Driving without a valid Driver CPC – fine of €2,000

? If you or an employer permit another driver, who does not have a valid Driver CPC, to drive a relevant vehicle you/they could be liable for a fine up to €5,000