Passenger Assistant Training (PATS)

The aim of PATS training is to improve safety standards for people who need care, supervision or assistance when travelling by road

PATS is open to any Organisation that uses or supplies passenger assistants. These people may be paid staff, or volunteers and they may be performing the dual role of driver and/or carer.

The training includes the following five modules:

  1. Role of the Passenger Assistant
  2. Passenger Awareness and Assistance
  3. Assisting Passengers Who Travel in Their Wheelchairs
  4. Supervising Children and Young People with Special Needs
  5. Working with Adults Who Require Care and Supervision.

Within these modules listed here are some of the topics covered

General Responsibilities, Supervising and Assisting Passengers, Assisting the Driver, Health & Safety Awareness, Manual Handling Awareness, Personal Safety, Awareness Safety on Longer Journeys, Emergencies and Contingency Plans, Duty of Care, Teamwork and Liaison, Protecting Confidentiality, and Reporting Problems and Concerns