Friday Timetable

Friday Services

  1. Bantry-Dunmanway-Bantry
  2. Skibbereen-Bantry
  3. Bantry-Borlin-Bantry
  4. Bantry-Goleen-Schull-Bantry
  5. Bere Island-Castletownbere
  6. Adrigole-Castletownbere-Adrigole
  7. Glengarriff-Glen-Glengarriff-Bantry
  8. Bantry-Mealagh-Bantry
  9. Reenascreena-Clonakilty
  10. Ardfield-Rathbarry-Clonakilty
  11. Kilbrittain-Bandon
  12. Ballinspittle-Ballinadee-Bandon
  13. Adrigole-Bantry
  14. Leap-Glandore-Union Hall-Skibbereen
  15. Castletownshend-Tragumna-Skibbereen
  16. Darrara- Ring-Clonakilty
  17. Bantry- Ballingeary- Bantry***
  18. Clogagh-Ballinascarthy-Shannonvale-Clonakilty
  19. Cunnamore Pier-Lisheen-Skibbereen
  20. Bandon-Kinsale Return
  21. Alzheimer’s Group


1. Dunmanway-Bantry (Morning service only)

  Togher Cross 8.00am      
  Dunmanway 8.20am      
  Drimoleague 8.35am      
Arrive Bantry 9.00am      


2. Skibbereen-Ballydehob-Skibbereen

Dept Skibbereen 8.00am Dept Bantry 3.50pm
  Durrus (By Prior Request only) 8.35am ArriveDept SkibbereenSkibbereen 4.30pm4.30pm
Arrive Bantry 9.00am Arrive Bantry 5.15pm


3. Bantry-Borlin-Bantry

Dept Bantry 9.15am Dept Bantry 2.05pm
  Kealkil 9.35am   Kealkil 2.25pm
  Borlin/Coomhola 10.20am   Borlin/Coomhola 3.10pm
  Bantry 10.45am Arrive Bantry 3.30pm


4. Goleen-Schull-Bantry

Dept Goleen 9.55am Dept Bantry 2.05pm
  Schull 10.20am   Durrus 2.20pm
  Durrus 10.45am   Schull 2.40pm
Arrive Bantry 11.00am   Goleen 3.05pm
      Arrive Bantry 3.50pm


5. Bere Island-Castletownbere

Dept Castletownbere 9.00am Dept Castletownbere 1.30pm
  Bere Island 9.20pm   Bere Island 1.50pm
  Ferry 10.00pm   Ferry 2.30pm
Arrive Castletownbere 10.20pm Arrive Castletownbere 2.50pm


6. Adrigole-Castletownbere-Adrigole *2nd and fourth/fifth Friday only

Dept Trafraskvia Zetland Pier 11.55am Dept Castletownbere 3.30pm
  Adrigole 12.05pm   Rossmacowen 3.45pm
  Rossmacowen 12.15pm   Adrigole 3.55pm
Arrive Castletownbere 12.30pm Arrive Trafraskvia Zetland Pier 4.10pm


7. Glengarriff-Glen-Glengarriff-Bantry

Dept Glengarriff 1.00pm Dept Bantry 5.00pm
  Glen 1.30pm   Glengarriff 5.30pm
  Glengarriff 1.45pm   Glen 6.00pm
Arrive Bantry 2.45pm Arrive Bantry 6.45pm


8. Bantry-Mealagh-Bantry

Dept Bantry 11.00am Dept Bantry 3.30pm
  Mealagh 11.45am   Mealagh 4.15pm
Arrive Bantry 12.30pm Arrive Bantry 5.00pm


9. Reenascreena-Clonakilty

Dept Cahermore Cross 10.00am Dept Clonakilty 2.00pm
  Reenascreena 10.20am   Bealad 2.10pm
  Inchinattin 10.25am   Kilmeen 2.15pm
  Kilmeen 10.30am   Inchinattin 2.20pm
  Bealad 10.35am   Reenascreena 2.25pm
Arrive Clonakilty 10.45am Arrive Cahermore Cross 2.45pm


10. Ardfield-Rathbarry-Clonakilty

Dept Rathbarry 11.15am Dept Clonakilty 1.30pm
        Ardfield 1.45pm
  Ardfield 11.30am      
Arrive Clonakilty 11.45am Arrive Rathbarry 2.00pm


11. Kilbrittain-Bandon

Dept Kilbrittain 10.00am Dept Bandon 2.00pm
Arrive Bandon 11.00am Arrive Kilbrittain 3.00pm


12. Ballinspittle-Ballinadee-Bandon

Dept Ballinspittle 12.00noon Dept Bandon 4.00pm
  Ballinadee 12.20pm   Ballinadee 4.40pm
Arrive Bandon 1.00pm Arrive Ballinspittle 5.00pm


13. Adrigole-Bantry **1st and 3rd Friday only

Dept Adrigole 11.00am Dept Bantry 3.00pm
  Glengarriff 11.40am   Glengarriff 3.20pm
Arrive Bantry 12.00noon Arrive Adrigole 4.00pm


14. Leap-Glandore-Union Hall-Skibbereen

Dept Leap 9.55am Dept Skibbereen 1.30pm
  Glandore 10.00am   Union Hall 1.45pm
  Union Hall 10.15am      
        Glandore 2.00pm
Arrive Skibbereen 10.30am Arrive Leap 2.05pm


15. Castletownshend-Tragumna-Skibbereen

Dept CastletownshendSchool 11.00am Dept Skibbereen 2.45pm
  CastletownshendVillage 11.10am   Tragumna 2.55pm
  Tragumna 11.25am   CastletownshendVillage 3.15pm
Arrive Skibbereen 11.40am Arrive CastletownshendSchool 3.25pm




16. Darrara- Ring- Clonakilty

Dept Darrara 10.30am Dept Clonakilty 2.05pm
  Ring 10.40am   Ring 2.20pm
Arrive Clonakilty 11.20am Arrive Darrara 2.55pm


17. Bantry- Ballingeary- Bantry***. This services operates on the first Friday of the month only. Booking is recommended.

Dept Bantry 9.15am Dept Bantry 1.45pm
  Ballingeary 10.00am   Ballingeary 2.45pm
Arrive Bantry 10.45am Arrive Bantry 3.30pm


18. Clogagh-Ballinascarthy-Shannonvale-Clonakilty

Dept Clogagh 12.10pm Dept Clonakilty 3.15pm
  Ballinascarthy 12.20pm   Clogagh 3.30pm
  Shannonvale 12.35pm   Ballinascarthy 3.45pm
Arrive Clonakilty 12.55pm Arrive Shannonvale 4.00pm


19. Cunnamore –Lisheen-Ballydehob

Dept Cunnamore 12.00noon Dept Skibbereen 4.30pm
  Lisheen 12.05pm   Lisheen 4.40pm
Arrive Skibbereen 12.15pm Arrive Cunnamore 4.45pm

 20. Bandon- Kinsale Return

Dept Bandon 9.00am Dept Kinsale 4.00pm

21. Alzheimers Group

Dept Kinsale 9.30am Dept Bandon 3.15pm
Arrive Bandon 10.15am Arrive Kinsale 4.00pm