Wednesday Timetable

Wednesday Services

  1. Bantry-Dunmanway-Bantry
  2. Skibbereen-Bantry
  3. Bantry-Drinagh-Skibbereen
  4. Bantry-Drinagh-Dunmanway
  5. Ardgroom-Eyeries-Castletownbere
  6. Bandon-Ballinspittle- Kinsale-Bandon
  7. Goleen-Schull-Ballydehob-Skibbereen
  8. Bandon-Kinsale Return


1. Dunmanway-Bantry

Togher Cross 8.00am Bantry 3.45pm
Dunmanway 8.20am Dunmanway 4.20pm
Drimoleague 8.35am Togher Cross 4.35pm
Arrive Bantry 9.00am Arrive Bantry 5.15pm


2. Skibbereen-Ballydehob-Skibbereen

Dept Skibbereen 8.00am Dept Bantry 3.45pm
Durrus (By request only) 8.35am Skibbereen 4.30pm
Arrive Bantry 9.00am Arrive Bantry 5.15pm


3. Bantry-Drinagh-Skibbereen

Dept Bantry 9.15am Dept Skibbereen 2.05pm
Drinagh 10.00am Drinagh 2.30pm
Arrive Skibbereen 10.30am Arrive Bantry 3.30pm


4. Bantry-Drinagh-Dunmanway

Dept Bantry 9.30am Dept Dunmanway 1.30pm
Drinagh 10.15am Ballygurteen 1.55pm
Ballygurteen 10.35am Drinagh 2.15pm
Arrive Dunmanway 11.00am Arrive Bantry 2.45pm


5. Ardgroom-Eyeries-Castletownbere***. This service operates on the first Thursday of each month instead of the Wednesday. Booking is recommended for this day


Dept Castletownbere 11.00am Dept Castletownbere 3.30pm
Eyeries 11.10am Coulagh 3.35pm
Ardgroom 11.20am Urhan viaStrand Road 3.40pm
Kilcatherine 11.30am Caherkeem 3.50pm
Ballycrovane 11.40am Urhan 4.00pm
Eyeries 11.50am Eyeries 4.15pm
Urhan 12.05am Ballycrovane 4.25pm
Caherkeem 12.10am Kilcatherine 4.40pm
Urhan 12.20am Ardgroom 4.50pm
Coulagh 12.25am Eyeries 5.00pm
Arrive Castletownbere 12.30am Arrive Castletownbere 5.10pm


 6. Bandon –Ballinspittle –Kinsale -Bandon

Dept Bandon 9.15am Dept Kinsale 10.30am
Ballinspittle 9.40am Commoge 10.35am
Dunderrow 10.45am
Innishannon 11.00am
Arrive Kinsale 10.00am Arrive Bandon 11.15am
Dept Bandon 2.15pm Dept Kinsale 3.15pm
Innishannon 2.30pm Ballinspittle 3.30pm
Dunderrow 2.45pm
Commoge 3.10pm
Arrive Kinsale 3.15pm Arrive Bandon 4.15pm


7. Goleen-Schull-Ballydehob-Skibbereen

Dept Goleen 10.30am Dept Skibbereen 2.00pm
Schull 10.50am Ballydehob 2.20pm
Ballydehob 11.00am Schull 2.30pm
Arrive Skibbereen 11.15am Arrive Goleen 2.50pm

8. Bandon-Kinsale Return

Dept Bandon 9.00am Dept Kinsale 4.00pm